Letter from the executive committee

2023 is a seminal point for our firm, as we are celebrating our 130-year anniversary.

Our long history guides us and provides us with a very specific compass. One that permeates our structure, our way of doing business and our view of the world, including our clients. It is this compass that guides our decisions and work, and which ultimately sets us apart. It is this compass for which we wish to be known, and for which our clients ultimately choose us. We want to build lasting collaborations of which we can be proud. We stay true to our convictions, not afraid to take difficult decisions, and to honour and uphold them. We value our independence because it allows us to give the best possible support to our clients.

Our long history is important, but it is not the pinnacle of our journey. The view ahead is what fuels us to innovate, strive and, ultimately, to thrive.

Our timeline of success


Ioannis Zepos founds his legal practice in Athens


Ioannis Zepos publishes the latest collection of the “Basilika”, the laws of the Byzantine Empire that were the basics of Greek law until the introduction of the Greek Civil Code


Constantinos Yannopoulos is awarded a PhD


Yerassimos Yannopoulos attends Law School


Dimitrios I. Zepos joins his father’s law office


Ioannis Zepos participates in the committee to codify a new Civil Code for Greece


The later Prime Minister Georgios I. Rallis works at the office of Ioannis Zepos


Dimitrios Zepos authors ‘Popular Justice in the free areas of occupied Greece’, that examines the legal system of popular justice that was in prevalent in non-occupied Greece


Dimitrios Zepos is heavily involved in the founding of Hellenic Airways, and later serves as its legal counsel


Constantinos Yannopoulos starts practicing law


John Zepos is admitted to the Athens Bar Association after two years of working with respected law firms in the United States and joins the firm


The office is renamed Zepos & Zepos


Constantinos Yannopoulos sets up an office with Pavlos Avrameas and Panagiotis Skoufis

He then works as a tax director of the ESSO Pappas Industrial Complex, today known as Exxon Mobil

Constantinos Yannopoulos serves as a member of the Committee for the Drafting of the Code of Administrative Procedure


Zepos & Zepos represents Ethyl Corporation for the establishment of the country’s second refinery

Dimitrios Zepos serves as the president of the “World Peace through Law” international conference held in Athens


The firm advises American Cement Corporation on the formation of a joint venture with Titan Cement Company for the construction of cement plant near Patras


Constantinos Yannopoulos plays a key a role in the modernisation of the Greek legal landscape, particularly focusing on the future of the Greek Constitution following the transition to democracy


Zepos & Zepos moves from its historic offices on 7 Ippokratous street to a new building in Amerikis street


Constantinos Yannopoulos joins forces with Dimitris Kaldis, focusing on legal tax advisory services and legal tax disputes

Yannopoulos is a regular contributor to the “Tax Law Bulletin” the only fortnightly legal-tax journal, awarded by the Academy of Athens, published consecutively for 72 years


Constantinos Yannopoulos with Georgios Rigos and Stefanos Matthias are the driving force behind the movement to introduce the Demotic vernacular to the legal profession


The two firms form a strategic alliance in order to provide to their clients comprehensive services. DEPA's Cryogenic (LNG) terminal at Revithoussa was among their first legal projects


The firm is involved in the acquisition of Group Heracles GCC-Halkis Cement by Blue Circle Industries, one of the largest transactions to have ever taken place in Greece


The firm advises on the concession contract for the construction of the Attiki Odos motorway

The firm provides legal support on the privatisation of OTE and with respect to OTE’s initial public offering

The firm acts as counsel to the European Investment Bank with respect to a facility to the Greek State for the co-financing of the new Athens International Airport


The first merger of organised law partnerships in Greece is completed and Zepos & Yannopoulos is created


The firm drafts the law regarding the privatisation of Hellenic Duty Free Shops and participates in the drafting of the law for the restructuring and privatisation of Hellenic Petroleum


The firm supports the contractor on the construction of Attiko Metro and the Organising Committee of the Olympic Games


The firm provides full legal support from conception to implementation and delivery of the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center to the Greek State


The executive committee is established


118 lawyers
14 economists and
82 business professionals



The path ahead

Marking 130 years of excellence and innovation, we are committed to continuing to challenge expectations and go on shaping our sector. We believe in growing by supporting our clients progress, aiming to lead change. Looking ahead at an ever-shifting legal industry, our goal remains to create sustainable value for our clients and our community, amplifying our environmental, social and governance footprint.

Annual Report

2022 was another good year following on from our remarkable results in 2021. Our 8% growth, against a backdrop of the war in Ukraine, an energy crisis, high inflation, and disrupted supply chains, makes us feel both proud and humbled. As always, we are grateful to our clients for their trust in us. We are, also, extremely thankful to our growing team of lawyers, economists and range of other professionals who have all played a part in the firm’s success and progress.