Zepos & Yannopoulos publishes Our footprint, a report on Corporate Governance, for third consecutive year

For the third year in a row we are publishing an updated version of our footprint on business and the community. As we continue to grow, and as we have just celebrated a 130-year defined by always looking ahead, we seek to do things differently and to do things better.

We have placed purpose at the core of our business strategy, with the strong belief that being a responsible business requires transparency, ethics, accountability and trust across all levels of interaction with our people, our clients and our community.

This year, putting more emphasis on the S of ESG, we have also asked our employment partners Rania Papakonstantinou and Manolis Zacharakis to reflect upon business and human rights, a discourse that is gaining ground and is becoming ever more prominent on the agendas of our clients, and our own.

Looking ahead at an ever-shifting legal industry, our goal remains to create sustainable value for our clients and our community, amplifying our environmental, social and governance footprint.