A Greek law firm with a unique international orientation

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A Greek law firm with a unique international orientation

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  • 15 JULY 2024

Long-awaited ministerial decision on the reclassification of renewable energy projects launched

By virtue of the Council of State’s (“CoS”) decision 1885/2023, certain provisions of previous ministerial decisions (“MDs”) on environmental licensing classification of specific types of RES projects1 were annulled on account of the underlying justification for the classification of RES projects on lower environmental clearance categories than the ones previously applicable not being sufficient. This created an onerous licensing reality for a wide circle of stakeholders licensed under the contested MDs since following the issuance of the aforementioned decision of the CoS, their respective environmental clearances were deprived from their legal basis. The matter was addressed by the Administration, albeit on a temporary basis, through the issuance of a circular which explicitly stated tha...

Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence Directive was officially published in the EU Official Journal

CSDDD (“Directive (EU) 2024/1760 on corporate sustainability due diligence and amending Directive (EU) 2019/1937 and Regulation (EU) 2023/2859”) was formally published in the Official Journal of the European Union on 5 July 2024. CSDDD introduces due diligence obligations for large EU (indicatively having more than 1,000 employees and net worldwide turnover exceeding Euro 450 million) and non-EU companies meeting certain criteria, which aim at the prevention and mitigation of adverse impacts on human rights and the environment, emerging from their operations, their subsidiaries’ operations, and their business partners as well as part of their chain of activities.Companies’ human rights and environmental risk-based due diligence obligations include:incorporation of due diligence practices i...

Zepos & Yannopoulos advises Ayvens Group in the merger of Leaseplan Hellas with ALD Automotive

Zepos & Yannopoulos advised Ayvens Group (the global mobility part of the Societe Generale Group), Leaseplan and ALD, and assisted in the successful merger of its Greek subsidiaries effected through the absorption of ALD Automotive by Leaseplan Hellas. The merger constitutes a landmark transformation in the local automotive industry since it has unified two of the largest vehicle fleets in Greece under a single automobility brand, Ayvens Greece.Our firm acted as the external legal counsel of the Group for the multi-phase, multijurisdictional transaction, as well as the preparatory shareholding restructuring steps, in cooperation with the competent internal departments of the merging entities and their French advisors. We also assisted the Group with various corporate finance aspects an...

Zepos & Yannopoulos advises UCI Greece on the renewal of its operating license by the Bank of Greece

Zepos & Yannopoulos advised UCI Greece Credit and Loans Receivables Servicing Company S.A. on the renewal of the company’s operating license by the Bank of Greece under law 5072/2023. Working closely with UCI teams in Greece and Spain ensured timely and successful completion of this challenging project.Our Finance and Capital Markets team was led by Kitty Fragalexi, of counsel, and included associate Dimitris Mekakas and junior associate Katerina Chalka. ...

  • 5 APRIL 2024

Zepos & Yannopoulos presents its Annual Report for 2023...

2023 was a seminal year for us, as we celebrated our 130-year history; a journey defined by always looking ahead. ...

  • 5 APRIL 2024

Zepos & Yannopoulos publishes Our footprint, a report o...

For the third year in a row we are publishing an updated version of our footprint on business and the community. As...

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