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Our firm has more than 50 years of experience in advising private clients. We support you in making the right decision regarding private, family and professional matters, assist you in the practicalities of implementing those decisions and ensure that you remain compliant within the ever-changing landscape of regulations and reporting requirements. Our services range from providing sophisticated advice on complex cross-border estate planning matters to accounting, tax preparation and compliance; most importantly, we listen to your needs and always design and implement bespoke solutions that address your particular requirements. When the need arises, we will support you in dispute resolution and litigation, in order to best protect your interests and reputation.



Wealth planning & succession

Considering that the private or business wealth of our clients may originate from different sources and locations, we work with them to develop and establish new structures—or review existing ones—for ensuring its control, as well as planning for succession.

We help wealthy individuals and families, heirs and beneficiaries with issues such as wealth transfer and inheritance, family governance, wills which may include the use of trusts and foundations, the establishment of international holding structures and management of domestic and global tax compliance matters.

Art & cultural property

We have broad experience in providing legal, accounting, tax and customs services to collectors, ultra-high-net-worth individuals, museums, galleries, dealers, art foundations, auction houses and other clients related to art, cultural property and the art world in general. Our range of experience covers everything from storage, art lending and transportation issues to structure holding and inheritance planning.

Philanthropy and Charitable giving

When it comes to philanthropy and charities, we advise wealthy individuals, families and philanthropic organizations on options for launching their work or providing specific donations and financial assistance in a manner that maximizes their giving and ensures compliance. Our comprehensive solutions help clients to meet their objectives—from structuring, providing targeted advice, setting-up entities and drafting donation documentation to undertaking accounting and tax compliance.

Family law

During important moments in life, our clients require not only the requisite legal knowledge and practical experience to help them address any legal challenges associated with those moments; they also need people who are close to them, are able to understand their concerns and can be trusted to provide delicate, personal advice. We assist our clients with any legal arrangements they may wish to put into place when marrying, entering into registered partnerships, financing family needs, ensuring children's well-being, divorcing or separating, as well as with any potential dispute resolution.


Our team has an enviable reputation in working with clients in the shipping industry and their families—a relationship that goes from generation to generation. Our deep knowledge of sector-specific concerns and the relevant Greek shipping framework enable us to provide targeted advice to shipowners. As trusted advisors, we assist our clients with legal and tax advice related to their personal affairs. We also often work with executives in their family offices to assist with investment structuring and managing compliance. Through our Tax & Accounting practice, we provide advice as to ship management companies’ taxation.

Private banking

Some of the leading world banking institutions entrust us with the management of local tax and compliance requirements related to services and products offered to their private clients. We advise on various issues such as client documentation, joint accounts treatment and exchange of information.

Real estate

When it comes to the acquisition, management or sale of residential property, we have the right team to meet the needs of any client—from providing multi-jurisdictional structuring advice to preparing and filing tax returns. By joining forces with our real estate experts, we can provide comprehensive solutions which include due diligence, drafting of transaction deeds and provision of advice related to land use and relevant restrictions and rules.


We have a fully-dedicated compliance team comprising lawyers and accountants who are highly experienced in matters of compliance and filing; more specifically, in preparing and filing tax returns and making filings and statements with special characteristics, such as voluntary disclosure schemes or in relation to trusts and foundations. Our team also handles residence and domicile registrations and de-registrations, and undertakes compliance diagnostic reviews for multi-jurisdictional families.

Residency advice

We have over the years developed particular expertise in providing advice and practical assistance in all matters around personal residence. Change of residence implementation, advice on residency related incentives and on residence status implications, are some of the areas we can assist our clients with. Working with our networks of tax advisors around the world, we can cover complex multi-jurisdictional needs and help our clients manage complex personal and family issues related to residence.

Dispute resolution & litigation

We represent clients at all levels of dispute, whether that’s tax audit level, administrative appeal level or Supreme Court level. We always try to bring added value to our client relationships: we help them reach the right decision—whether that’s settling or going to court—and possess the necessary knowledge and tax audit experience to handle their cases and successfully argue at audit level prior to any dispute. However, if litigation cannot be avoided, we are able to represent clients and hold an enviable winning track record in this field.


Our executives’ team provides domestic advice to clients, whether they are senior executives themselves or corporate entities employing executives. Our experience in this sector has significant depth and breadth: we advise on employment taxes, including complex cross-border benefits taxation issues and executive mobility issues; directors’ liabilities, including secondary liabilities for corporate tax, social security and employment law issues. All this is handled in cooperation with our employment law experts. In addition, we undertake compliance for expatriates.


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